Choc-Tahini Snowballs

A heavenly treat that brings back memories of our childhood. The Tahini undertone gives these beautiful snowballs a unique middle eastern taste. But why Snowballs? Well the secret lies in your first bite with these Choc-Tahini Snowballs.

Choc-Tahini Snowballs


  • Mix the shredded coconut, tahini and honey into a bowl
  • Use a 15ml measuring spoon to scoop the mixture and flatten it within the spoon
  • Turn the measuring spoon over and tap out the contents onto a plate. The snowballs will be dome shaped.
  • Place the domes into the deep freeze for 30 minutes until firm
  • In a microwavable bowl melt the dark choc drops and coconut oil
  • Using a tablespoon, pour the chocolate over the snowballs until fully covered
  • Lastly sprinkle your favourite granola over the chocolate
  • Keep refrigerated and eat whenever the chocolate craving calls


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