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    • The Final Straw – Reusable Copper Straws


      Traditional plastic straws are one-time-use item and cannot be recycled, so it’s no surprise that a significant amount of these straws will end up in the oceans, polluting the water and killing marine life. Our Copper Straws are 100% real copper (the same material used to deliver your tap water to you), which makes them a wonderful anti-microbial solution.

      They do not melt away like paper straws and are just beautiful to look at. What makes them so much better is that you can wash and reuse them and you won’t be contributing to the waste that comes with disposable plastic straws! Real copper never wears out, and when it naturally oxidizes (turns black – only real copper does this), you can simply clean it with anything acidic (lemon juice or tomato sauce work like magic!) and it will return to its beautiful rose gold colour.

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